Horseback Riding

December 1, 2016 - Uncategorized

Horseback Riding!


My community event is horseback riding. I have done a show before and I got 5th place. That is uncommon to place in your first show! This was also the first time that I rode in an ambulance. I fell of my horse halfway through the show. I was jumping and my horse went too high and I wasn’t ready for it!

I had fun all the way until that happened. I enjoyed and wanted to do another one for a long time but most of them are in the summer time or August and October.

I really don’t remember what exactly happened when I had my horse accident. Even though I had a helmet on I hit my head really hard. The doctors thought I hit my head so hard I probably have memory loss before and after the moment I fell off. I still enjoyed the feeling. Even the horse I was riding was okay and that is always going to be my first priority. The horse really matters to me. Right now my horse Sky is suffering an incurable disease I am very fretful for his life because he is only 12. The same age as me.

I started horseback riding two years ago. I enjoy it so much that I have actually gone through three trainers. I believe that is a good thing because that means that I excelled in what they were teaching me. I enjoy when my instructors help me out. One of them has even become one of my closest friends. We love to discuss what we have been doing at school and all of the new movies out.

I enjoy when the wind hits my face as I canter outside. Although when the winter weather comes it gets so cold that sometimes we can’t go horseback riding, but we try our hardest even when it is freezing. I now ride a different horse named Sunny.  She is the coolest or the second coolest horse I know. I love her very much. She is the most loving and obedient horse I know. She is more obedient than Sky’s standards. He is still cooler to Sunny than me anyways.

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